Woodware Fingerguard Paper Trimmer

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The Woodware Fingerguard Paper Trimmer is large enough to accommodate oversized 12 x 12 papers. It comes with one straight and one scoring blade.

A very compact sturdy unit yet when the measurement arm is pulled out the Trimmer’s ruler increases to over 16 inches! The strong metal trimmer channels allow for an effective smooth running trimmer blade to give a straight cut each time with precision using the clear view opening of the actual cut line between the trimmer runners and centre marked trimmer blade housing. The blade cuts down into a replacement cutting channel which is easy to lift out and place your new one in. The cutting channel is double sided allowing for many cuts before having to be replaced.

Safety is in-built into the trimmer’s design with a patented interchangeable safety system meaning no blades are exposed during the installation of the blade or operation of the trimmer until you lightly push down on the blade housing. The ingenious in-built blade storage allows you to house up to 6 blades within the base of the trimmer making it perfect for taking along to craft groups and workshops as well as at home on your craft desk.

The whole trimmer runner hinges up, holding itself in place to allow you to position your card stock under the blade area with ease. Non-slip rubber feet complete the trimmers base to allow for a firm level platform to work from.

A must have for any craft desk and a crafting tool your can’t be without!

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